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Discus Version 4 - We thank the many Discus users who have written in and provided suggestions and ideas for improving Discus, and we have done our best to implement your most requested features. Discus 4 is a greatly improved tool that you can rely on for labelling of almost anything. CD labels, Jewel cases, DVD boxes, Mini-DV, DV-Cam, DVC-Pro, Betacam, Umatic, file folders, visiting cards, signage, audio tapes, jam and jelly jars, an incredible array of projects can be quickly printed in your home or office.

Audio engineers, videographers, composers, musicians will find a handy tool that starts up fast, and gets your labelling done quickly and without a lot of fuss.

Powerful but easy to use cloning features enable you to make any desired combination of labels. Need 17 of one label and 3 of another on a 20-up sheet? Don't despair because you can set that up with two clicks of the mouse.

We include the broadest support for die cut papers; over 2600 papers available, with hundreds more European papers planned.

Discus supports all CD printers past and present, including the full Epson line from their first model to their latest R series models. Canon, Primera, Rimage, Amtren, DiscMakers, all their models are covered. If you see a paper or printer we don't have let us know, we add new ones constantly, and update our software twice a month on average.

Need to send your design to a professional duplication house? No problem, we have a new export feature that can create a 300 dpi industry standard file in PSD, BMP, JPEG, and TIFF formats for use by a printing house.

Professional quality layering features allow unlimited creative freedom. Great photo handling with easy cropping, drop shadows, borders, edge fuzzing, etc.

Need to work back and forth between a Macintosh and Windows computer? No problem, Discus files are cross-platform and can be edited and shipped easily between Mac and Windows machines.

And if you should have a question or a problem, we offer great technical support with expert advice and troubleshooting.

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