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Photo size controls

We added so many new features for the Photo layer that we had to break them into four tabbed sets. The first group of controls under the SIZE tab allows you to flip and invert the photo, size it, change the angle, and control the opacity.

If you turn off the "preserve aspect ratio" control, then you get two independent size sliders, one for width and one for height. We also added the ability to drag handles on the corners of the photo to size it the mouse.

Photo color controls

The second group of controls manipulates color.

It is quite common to get a logo from someone and you need the logo to be transparent, and so we added a white knockout option, where all the pixels in a photo that are pure white are made transparent.

We also added a photo tinting option, and by clicking in the color wheel you can tint a photo.

Photo frames

The third group of controls manipulates the frame around the picture.

We offer three different photo frame styles:

     Style #1 is no frame, and in that style you can round the corners and feather the edges.

     Style #2 is a traditional photo edge treatment where you add an outer border and an inner border line.

     Style #3 is a unique scalloped edge treatment, like a postage stamp.

Photo drop shadow

The fourth group of controls allows you to quickly add a drop shadow to the picture.

Four sliders control the distance the shadow is offset from the picture, show smooth the shadow is, and its opacit.