Gridlines and Rulers

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Gridlines and rulers are new in V4.

We studied many other programs to determine the best way to implement a gridline and ruler system. We went back to the Renaissance masters and learned how they used proportions rather than inches or millimeters to produce such beautiful work. So we invented a unique proportion based grid system, where you can divide the horizontal or vertical design space into even divisions, with total flexibility.

Many times people don't use grids because they are so obtrusive, so we have solved that problem by giving you opacity control over the grid lines so you make them as faint as you wish. You also have control over the color of the lines.



You can choose between solid lines or dots, and anything in between. We think we have the simplest and friendliest grid system ever offered. Try it for a while and we think you will agree that we have found the ideal balance between complexity and power.

We studied how people use grids and found that many times all you want is lines to follow the edge of an already existing object. So made the grids draggable; just go into the edit area and move the grid to where you want it to align to.

Discus includes a ruler option which can be shown in millimeters, pixels, or inches.

Alignment grid screenshot