General Improvements

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Discus 4 has hundreds of little improvements. We reviewed the hundreds of suggestions and studied thousands of technical support emails to determine how we could make the program more useful, easier to understand, and to have the features you need to get your job done quickly with a professional look.

Expert users wanted to use our paint layer on top of photos. In v4 you can now move the paint layer above a photo, and then paint on top of a photo.

Many of you wanted a higher resolution paint layer; we have increased the paint layer from about 100 dpi to 300 dpi, and now your paintings will be sharper.

In earlier versions you had to remember to option-click or control-click the slider to reset, but we added a visible reset button in v4 so that it is obvious how to reset a slider. When you hold the shift key down, you will see the slider increments change to large increments.


Many of our macintosh users collaborate with people on windows machines. To make this easy to do we made sure our document format was cross platform, and you can design on the mac and send it a windows machine and vice-versa. Since font collections often differ between two computers, we invented a great font remapping system, where you see an example of the font you used to have on the other platform, so you can best find a similar one on the new computer. We use a better method than $700 desktop publishing products.

We added many new alignment and positioning options, so that in one click you can stretch a photo to cover the entire label, or realign objects to one another.

We continue to offer a single price for both a Macintosh and Windows version.

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