The following are updates to Magic Mouse products. These updates are complete executable programs, and are not patches. Once you download and uncompress the program file, you will need to trash your old program file, so that it is not run by mistake.

NOTE: If you have a licensed version of Discus 4.00 or later to use the Discus 4 updates posted here. If you need to order an upgrade for Discus 3 or earlier, please visit our Online Store.

NOTE: These updates are only for the full retail versions. If you are a user of a special limited version of Discus bundled with a CD Printer or burning software, these updates will not function, and you will need to order an upgrade. Special upgrade pricing is available at our Online Store to convert these limited versions into the full Discus product.

Download Now!Discus 4.29 for Windows in ZIP archive form 9 MB
Download Now!Discus 4.29 for Macintosh OS X in DMG virtual disk form 11 MB
Download Now!Quicktime for Windows ver 7.7.9 as EXE installer 42 MB

No updates available current version is 2.11

Downloading the updated program file

Choose the program and the version you want to download.

Note the name of the file and its size.

On Windows systems, a dialog box opens and asks you "What would you like to do with this file". Click on "Save it to disk". In a second window, choose a directory to save the file. Then click OK.

On Macintosh systems, after downloading your web browser should automatically launch StuffIt Expander, which will unpack the files.

The download begins. Please be patient and wait until the end of the process. If the download is interrupted, the downloaded file is corrupted. See below how to proceed ("If the downloaded file is corrupted")

Installing the program in Macintosh systems

The download will usually unstuff automatically on the desktop.

Move the program file into the folder where the software currently resides

Trash the old version of the program file

Double click the new program file to start up

Installing the program in Windows systems

Replace your old program file in the folder where the software resides

Double click the new program file to start up

If the downloaded file is corrupted...

If the internet connection has been terminated before the end of the download or if the download procedure returned damaged data (it may happen during a connection) then the install procedure will fail returning an error message.

Delete the downloaded file from your hard drive. Then try to download the file from the same source.

If it fails again, try another source.