Beads is a radical new language, to replace the entire HTML + CSS + JS + Framework stack, all done by a single language. It's a concise, readable, super high level language that generates a single HTML file web app.

After downloading the .ZIP file, unpack the folder, and follow the instructions in the READ_ME quick start file. Current version is 0.56.



SDK includes both Macintosh and Windows executable versions of the compiler. Linux users, use the WINE environment to run the Windows EXE

Runs on a in-memory graph database.

Has a domain specific language that handles layout inside the language.

Compiles most projects in under 1 second.

Fault-tolerant architecture has closed arithmetic, and infinite loop protection.

Creates projects that are easy to maintain. Low levels of nesting throughout.

Your projects can be easily localized, as translation tables are supported for string literals.

Quick Tour

Page 1

First, pick a project type

Discus supports CD, DVD, jewel case, mini-cd, dvd case, audiocassette, VHS and even calling cards.


Page 2

Next, select a background

With over 1000 backgrounds and over 750 MB of artwork, Discus has the most artwork supplied of any labelling software.


Page 3

A powerful bitmap paint layer

A full 24-bit paint layer is available for drawing custom shapes; particularly useful for drawing behind text.


Page 4

Powerful photo import features

Import photos and graphics, adjust their layering, opacity, darkness, edge feather, corner roundness and more.


Page 5

Flexible text handling

Choose from 8 text layouts including circular and spiral layout. Add glow, drop shadow and outline effects for a professional touch.


Page 6

Precision printing with no effort

Change paper layouts or printer selection without redesigning your label, and nudge the printout to get a perfect print.


Page 7

Comprehensive template support

With over 2700 papers supported, and almost every known CD printer pre-programmed, Discus has the widest possible output range. No other labeling software has a fraction of the versatility of Discus.